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In religion, an abyss is a bottomless pit, or also a chasm that may lead to the underworld or hell.The bottomless space or the abyss in which perceptible matter is contained would suggest to us the notion of this phenomenon, resulting in the unlimited synonymity of space and infinity.There is a somewhat common marketing message for a variety of non-alcoholic drinks at restaurants, in that they will continue to fill up your glass of ice-tea or coke or coffee as often as you request.

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Warning - thread Woman stripped bottomless by others in public might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

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Definitions of BOTTOMLESS in various dictionaries: adj - extremely deep adj - having no bottom adj - having no apparent limits or bounds adj - unclothed especially below the waist or featuring such nudeness.Samples where bottomless or its synonyms are used according to this definition. bottomless pajamas consisting simply of a long top opening down the front.

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A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels (2015) by Hastings, James.The failure of such a structure could have severe consequences similar to the failure of a bridge.The fresh, brilliantly pimped k - on bottomless desktop picture have an affect on your happiness and creates sensation for you to be entertained.

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Usage: The property Jim invested in turned out to be a bottomless pit requiring thousands upon thousands of dollars in refurbishment and retro-fitting costs.Definition of bottomless pit. bottomless pit. noun. a person with an insatiable appetite.

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The definition of an abyss is an extremely deep or bottomless hole or chasm, either literal or figurative.Often baristas use knockboxes to store their spent espresso grounds after they have pulled a shot.

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Find words starting with bottomlessly and anagrams of bottomlessly.On occasion, nice k - on bottomless desktop picture can help you to go through your unlucky day.A point where there is no bottom (e.g. bottomless pit) or ending downward.

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The website aims to publish all wordlists, big and small, on the internet, making it much easier to find the word you need.If you describe a supply of something as bottomless, you mean that it seems so large that it will never run out.

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